The Bible and Golf

(read James 1:19-27 note: there is no mention of golf!)

Ok, ever heard this one? How are the Bible and golf alike?

  • Well, they both seem boring from the outside looking in.
  • The rules for both seem mystifying and unknowably complicated (to be fair, the rules of golf are harder to understand!).
  • They both seem to take too long to get through (again, from the outside).
  • They both are decidedly different (as in much better) than those first impressions once you experience them.
  • Both take a level of dedication that is more than passing if you are going to get anything out of them.

From here on the two diverge, as paths in a forest.

Golf is a game one can enjoy for most of a lifetime, no more or less.

The Bible is God’s Word given to guide us to redemption and service to Him in this life, and joy everlasting eternally, both now and in the risen life to come.

Again, to be fair, understanding the Bible is easier than mastering golf! When we approach God’s Word with a prayerful heart and mind, He speaks to us by the agency of the Holy Spirit, not because of our mastery of divine insight.

In the game of golf, I get out what I put in; in the Bible I get out what God puts in, now that’s a good handicap!