Advent Thoughts

Once again we begin the ‘holiday’ season. Below is a fairly succinct definition of the noun “holiday”.

holy day

  1. a day of freedom from labor; day set aside for leisure and recreation
  2. Chiefly Brit. a period of leisure or recreation; vacation
  3. a day set aside by law or custom for the suspension of business, usually in commemoration of some event (from Your Dictionary .com)

Now, this is fairly similar to many other dictionaries definition, though the order and specific wording will vary. What is interesting with this entry is the devolution from ‘holy day’ to ‘A day set aside by law or custom’.

Just remember the source when we grit our Christian teeth over the current “PC” effort to avoid anything remotely Christian about the season we call Advent. The world is lost, often with great intentionality. The fact that our consumer driven economy must have Christmas to survive simply does not equate with understanding why there is a Christmas. We as believers are supposed to reflect on the need of Jesus’ first Advent during this season, namely our sinful nature which needs redemption and conversion. We should turn our eyes upon Jesus, rather than spending time and energy scolding unbelievers because they don’t get it. Remember, this is also a time of great depression for many who have despaired of meaning in this life. It would be a shame to focus on winning the culture war and forget about the lost in the culture.

Have a blessed and meaningful Holy Day season!