A Bad Day…

Exodus 5:22-6:1a, 2

Moses has this experience with God in the wilderness and reluctantly accepts the mission given to him. Moses speaks to Pharaoh on behalf of Israel and things are suddenly worse than they were before Moses was sent to Egypt. Have you ever gone to a conference or renewal service and taken a new hold on God’s calling for you? Have you ever then experienced unexpected problems as you ‘get busy’ for God? Consider God’s servant Moses. He was rejected by Pharaoh. His own people, so enthusiastic when he first came back (see Ex. 4:31), now turned on him with a vengeance (see Ex. 5:21). Now Moses turns to God, nobody else will listen! Listen to his heart’s cry. Why are You doing this? Why did You send me? Why are You not keeping Your promise..?

Ever been there? Is that your address lately? God does not remain silent, and what He says to Moses is as true today as at that moment. At the bottom of Moses’ confidence, at the height of his despair, God speaks: 6:1a, “Now you shall see what I will do…” It isn’t Moses’ plan, or Larry’s plan, or your plan; it is God’s plan. In our weakness, even in our failures, His strength is made known and that to His glory, not ours. In 6:2 Moses is reminded, as are we, God is the Lord, the purpose is His. If you continue to read beyond the text cited above, you will learn that Moses does not become an overnight sensation, he still harbors self doubt, but he goes forward as instructed by the only One who can say “I am the Lord”, and prove it.