New Territory

Just outside the office window a new drive is being made. It is noisy; a hint of asphalt is in the air. The drive is ‘new territory’ for the new building we will move into, some day, God willing, after the blizzard of paperwork has finally blown itself out and reconstruction of the library into the sanctuary is completed. The drive goes past the main door of the building, the idea is ease of access, a drop off place in bad weather, and handicapped parking will line one side. In short, the effort is to make the place more inviting to come to. Our hope and prayer is to live out the Gospel of Jesus in this community in what we say and do, to be an inviting people; a part of the Body of Christ in the new territory God sends us to.

I hope we get this, that the new drive will invite someone into the building, but only our being a new people in Christ will bring them back.

The bedrock of the drive is limestone. Our bedrock is now, and always must be, Christ. The drive will last as long as the bedrock is solid…